Athletic Greens Review – Facts You Should Know

Of all the supplements that athletes prefer using, greens are the ones that get the least attention. Athletic Greens is one of the best greens in the market today. The following are some facts you should know:

What are Athletic Greens?jmkb35edc6t27ud2

This is a green superfood powder drink with well-rounded ingredients and consists of probiotics and digestive enzymes. It is similar to a protein shake and has a mild and pleasant flavor provided by more than one hundred fruits and vegetable extracts. In this Athletic Greens review, I will look at its ingredients, flavor, benefits, and side effects.

The ingredients

Athletic greens consist of some superfood ingredients that are not found in many other products out there. Some of these unique ingredients include bilberry, beet, and papaya. It can also be used as a multivitamin or multimineral thanks to the several vitamins and minerals it provides which include zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, E, and Biotin. It also contains both cocoa extract and green tea extract which contain less caffeine since they are standardized for antioxidant content.

It divides these nutrients into four major classes including superfoods, herbs and antioxidants, digestive enzymes and mushrooms, and probiotics.

Taste and Flavor

This is one of the best tasting green drinks in the market today thanks to its pungent taste with a little chocolate in it. The flavor is mild and pleasant complemented by a light sweetness. Talking about the texture, it is smooth and mixes easily with any liquid.

The benefits

Though it is a little bit expensive than most of its competitors, it is a really good product. Apart from having one of the most loyal followings of a green drink, some of its benefits include:

  • Contains many ingredients that are not easily found in many superfoods green drinks
  • Includes an exceptionally well-rounded blend
  • It tastes impressive.
  • Contains digestive enzymes and probiotics and, therefore, more comprehensive.
  • It is non-GMO and free of Gluten.
  • Since it is a superfood, it is 100 percent organic.
The price

The only con ajmkb35edt62y7eu82bout this product is its price which is much expensive than that of its competitors. Athletic greens go for some few dollars per serving and can be shipped to you. However, if you join their loyalty program which lets it be shipped to you every 30 days. This is a cheaper option.

Are there any side effects?

Just like any other diet supplement, if you overdo it you may experience some problems. However, if you experience a difference in your bowel movements, you should not be alarmed as this is very normal with starting on a green drink.