Hair Drug Test Guide- Is the Process Effective

Normally, when someone takes drugs, the drugs go into the blood stream. After the body has metabolized those drugs, the resulting particles circulate in the blood stream. Look at the hair test guide to learn more. Since the blood usually cleans the hair follicle the metabolites and the consumed drugs end up in the hair follicle.

It’s, therefore, possible that even if the hair grows out of the follicle, the evidence of the drugs remains indefinitely. This testing involves testing the first inch and half of the hair growth. However, if the head hair is less than an inch, body hair can be tested.

Is this test effective?

According to hair drug test guide, this kind of test is very effective in identifying the repetitive use of drugs for a period. In fact, it’s believed that it’s almost impossible to cheat a hair drug test. Todsjhsjfdbshf carry out the test, technicians will cut the hair directly from the head of the person who is being tested.

There is no chemical that can change the hair’s ability to contain the evidence. According to hair drug test guide, bleached hair is less stable in for carrying out this test.

How it’s done

After taking the hair specimen, it’s sent to the laboratories for professional analysis. Typically, basic hair drug test takes 2to 3 days to come out especially when the result is negative. But if it’s positive, it’s subjected to few more days of testing to confirm the initial results.

Although this kind of testing is very simple, it’s still a very new concept. As a matter of fact, many testing companies have little or no experience in carrying it out. It’s, therefore, advisable to choose a company that has enough experience. Remember, legally prescribed drugs taken daily are often listed as negative after the test.


The problem with hair drug testing is the low concentration of drugs that the test relies on. These are lower than the magnitude of traces found in urine.

This is why in case the hair is not clean there are high chances of getting false positive results. More so, environmental contaminations can also affect the test and the final results. In fact, people with dark hair are more likely to test positive for drugs.