a lady with muscle pain

Natural Home Remedies you can Use to Relieve Muscle Pain

You may experience muscle pain due to dehydration, injury to the muscles, stress, and fatigue. It can even be caused by lack of minerals, reduced blood flow and taking some medications. When you have a sprain to your muscles, it generates an injury to your tissues that join more than one bone at your joints, and this is known as a ligament. The list below is about useful home remedies that help to reduce muscle pain, but if the pain persists, you should see a doctor.

Cold or Heat

a lady taking a showerHaving a warm shower is essential since it helps in relaxing your muscles. The heat in water acts as a relaxing agent. And if you have a bruise of inflammation, you can apply an ice pack on the affected part for twenty minutes. Do not place the ice pack directly because it may lead to more damage however you should wrap the ice pack with a towel. It will relieve the swelling and soreness on your painful muscle.


If you have muscle pain because of sitting for long hours or sitting in one position for long, you are advised to move. Your muscles can become very stiff if you assume one position for so long. Your muscles will then copy one position unless you force them to change. And if tensed your muscles will become tensed as well, and you will feel pain. But if you move around, walk or stretch regularly, you will relieve the muscle pain, stiffness, and tension.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil in a jarYou can use coconut oil to treat different kinds of muscle pain including muscle pain and aches. Some people also use coconut oil to cook their meals while others use coconut oil as butter to use it on foods. Besides, coconut oil fudge is as well one way you can choose coconut oil since it’s one of the ingredients. Coconut oil is affordable, and you can apply it to your muscle pain.

Essential Oils

You will find that there are varieties of essential oils available that you can use to treat muscle pains and aches while at home. Blends that you can use for muscle cramps are deep blue, peppermint mix, lemon grass, and marjoram.

While blends you can use for muscle spasm are basil, marjoram, chamomile and Roman chamomile. If you have muscle tension, you should use lavender, marjoram, deep blue and peppermint. Mix two drops of each blend with coconut oil or olive oil then rub on the affected area.