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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for a Beautiful Smile

Eyes are not the window to our soul, the smile is. In fact, we make the first impression to strangers by showing how sincere our smile is. Unfortunately, some medical conditions can ruin our smile. And there is where cosmetic dentistry plays a vital role.

Diet and genes determine the appearance of the teeth. Sugary foods cause cavities and make the harmful bacteria in the mouth thrive. Gum infection is common in people who like to consume either sweet food or beverage. And when that condition happened in kids, during the growth of temporary teeth, it can disrupt the teeth alignment and cause crookedness.

Here, we are discussing further cosmetic dentistry and how it can help us to retain or regain our beautiful smile.

Applying Veneers

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Veneers are porcelain layers applied to tooth enamel for cosmetic purpose. They give the teeth a brighter and whiter appearance. Get affordable veneers in Baton Rouge at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry if you are interested in the idea. Although veneers are mainly cosmetic, they also protect the sensitive teeth.

Veneers are prosthetic sheets. And not only do they make the teeth whiter, but they can also cover up a chipped and broken tooth. The dental prosthetic is custom-made. It means that the dentist will adjust the size and shape of the prosthetic as needed in an individual case. It makes veneers fit perfectly to the user.

However, permanent veneers are suspected to disrupt the teeth growth if the user is still a kid. The dental prosthetic cannot grow as the original dental tissue. Consequently, the dental prosthetic may cause dental misalignment.

Dental Crowns

white teethDental crown treatment is planting a tooth implant to replace a decaying or missing tooth. It is not a treatment that you can do just purely for aesthetic purpose. It involves drilling through the bone for a titanium screw insertion. And that screw is where the fake tooth will be attached.

You cannot have the treatment completed just in one visit. It requires measuring, molding, and reshaping the dental implant so that it can fit perfectly to the desired place.

During the recovery time from the procedure, the patient should also follow a specific diet that excludes sticky and hard food, such as meat, cake, and candy.

Dental Aligner

beautiful smileThe dental aligner is known as the best alternative for dental braces. You do not need to wear an aligner all time like the braces. In fact, you can wear the aligner during sleep.

What the aligner does is to correct minor teeth misalignment. If you notice that there are one or two teeth which seem protruding, you can opt for a dental aligner instead of a brace.

However, an aligner may cost you a lot of money. Every time the position of the crooked tooth shifts, a new aligner is needed. They are manufactured with the help of 3D printing and dental imaging technology. You also need to follow the visit schedule with discipline. Otherwise, you may not get the intended result and damage your teeth.