The Functional Medicine Doctors NYC

Functional medicine refers to the personalized style of medicine. It is characterized by an approach to the chronic medical problems. It intends to find the underlying causes or the core imbalances of the medical conditions instead of just treating the disease symptoms. The functional medicine doctors are currently on demand following the penetration of functional medicine in New York.

The functional medicine works using two principles. The first is biochemical individuality which tends to describe the different variations in the metabolic functions as a result of the environmental age genetic difference. The second is the patient-centered medication that lays emphasis on the patient care instead of the disease care.


Different combinations

The functional medicine is a combination of Western medicine, scientific research, and Chinese medicine. It bvxczsdfgfcombines the physiology of the Western medication, the philosophy of the Chinese medicine from the Chinese medicine, and the latest scientific research on genetics.

It focuses on the different assessment and intervention methods at the root levels of the metabolic imbalance. This is one evolution in the field of medicine that seeks to address the health care needs of the twenty-first century.

The evolving trend in the area of medicine is focusing on the different prevention plans and uncovering the underlying causes of the severe chronic diseases. It dies nit just suppress the symptoms but seeks to establish the root causes of the particular illness.

The basic principles

The functional medicine has four core principles. One of the four basic principles is the understanding the biochemical individuality. Secondly, it is supporting the evidence of the patient-centered approach and not the disease.

Thirdly is restoring the dynamic balance of external and internal factors of the spirit, mind, and body of the patient. Last but not least is the promoting of the organ reserve to enhance the health span. It does not just address the life span of every patient.

Treats the patients

Most of the western medications that are currently available are known to treat particular diseases. This is however not the case with functional medicine. It treats the patient other than the disease. It also provides a framework for the practice of medicine.

It uses the different tools of healing both the alternative and conventional ones to address the entire medical condition of an individual instead of the set of symptoms noticed. There is a need for a holistic approach to treating the different diseases. This is what functional medicine is all about.

Functional medicine

bnvczsasfgThe practice provides a new way of organizing and collecting medical information. Rather than asking what might be wrong with the patient, it investigates and tries to determine what things have gone wrong.

It has changed the general view of medicine that illness is all about understanding the mechanism of the diseases and not the diagnosis of the disease.